WAVE is a new platform combining automation & IT and dedicated to smart building. With WAVE, you manage your energy (water, gas, electricity), your comfort (temperature, brightness, blinds ...) and your services (booking of parking, meeting rooms ...) directly from a web app. WAVE also has a configurator that allows you to set up easily the features of your building. Finally, wave offers all these features in a secure Cloud or On Premise environment.


WAVE comes in the form of a responsive web site (the website fits on the screen of a smartphone as well as on a computer or a tablet). The content is customizable according to the context of your business. Here the home view offering shortcuts to parking, comfort, services …


Thanks to WAVE, it is possible to adjust the comfort parameters such as temperature, heating or the shades. This setting is done simply from your phone (QR code possible for direct access to settings) or from the PC / tablet.

The different levels of the building are visible on WAVE platform. Technical data is exported directly from the drawings software (such as Autocad). From this view, each sensor can be viewed (temperature …) and each actuator controlled (light…).


WAVE offers to its users the possibility of booking their parking spaces or their meeting rooms.

Parking: The user visualizes his agenda from his messaging system (here outlook) and easily decides whether he needs a parking place or not. The system is also coupled to IOT sensors to know in real time the actual occupancy of parking spaces.

Meeting Rooms: Users can easily book their meeting room (and related equipment). The system also interfaces with messaging tool.


WAVE uses technological bricks of Microsoft Azure, like Time Series Insights for energy management.

With TSI, all the values ​​of your building are logged in big data mode and can be retrieved via API or via the explorer below.


WAVE enables you to easily configure the operation of your building.

This happens in the view of the configurator: just associate the sensors and actuators to a given area and you’re done!

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