Building Solutions

Smart Building Energies supports you in your smart building projects through consulting, implementation and maintenance of automated and computerized systems. Intelligent building is at the service of energy performance, services, comfort to occupants and optimization of operating costs.


smart building energies efficacité et performance energétique smart building energies optimisation des coûts d'exploitation
Energetic performance Services and well-being Optimization of operating costs




smart building energies GTB Gestion technique du bâtiment Building Management System

Our team designs and realizes the installation of BMS that suits you by using technologies adapted to your needs (network, PLC, supervision …). With such systems, ergonomic and efficient control of your building will be yours for sure.

smart building energies hypervision 3D Hypervision 3D

Why not switching to BIM (Building Information Modeling)? Our solution gathers information of your several PLC and business supervisors and contextualizes them in a 3D web environment.

 smart building energies IOT internet des objets objets connectés


No smart building without  sensors ! Today connected objects are becoming more accessible and offer a multitude of new services and uses. They offer a multitude of new services and uses.

  • Temperature, hygrometry, air quality, brightness, noise sensors …
  • Remote control of lighting or heating…
smart building energies réalitée augmentée AR Augmented Reality

We help you to display additional information related to reality on your devices (smartphones and tablets), thereby offering you an enriched and unprecedented user experience.
smart building energies big data Big Data

Building generates more and more data. All these data has to be stored in a secure way, before being analyzed through algorithms. The ultimate goal is to predict your facilities behavior and allow the use of predictive maintenance.


SMART BUILDING ... For whom ?

smart building energies propriétaire


  • Real estate value
  • Attractiveness
  • Flexibility
smart building energies collectivité

Local authority

  • Energy savings
  • Opening to SMART Cities & SMART Grids
smart building energies promoteur

Real estate developer

  • Market response
  • Attractiveness
  • Favourite effect
smart building energies constructeur BE AMO

Builders, engineering & design department, project manager

  • Process evolution
  • Integrated building
  • Market response
smart building energies occupant


  • Well-being
  • Connectivity
  • Services
smart building energies exploitant


  • Effectiveness
  • Building life logbook
  • Cost reduction



smart building energies bureau smart building energies logement  smart building energies administratif
Offices Housing Administrative
 smart building energies santé hôpital  smart building energies hotel  smart building energies grande distribution
Health services Hotel business Retail sector