14 February 2024

Successful deployment of Wave platform at Carré Constructeur’s Englos headquarters

26 may 2023

Smart Building Energies, a VINCI Energies company and publisher of the Wave platform dedicated to intelligent buildings, has just completed the deployment of its solution at the headquarters of Carré Constructeur in Englos. This 1,500 m² building is equipped with the latest technologies for managing comfort, energy and services, thanks to the close collaboration between Thibaut Quillet, who led the project, and Morgan Fleurquin, who was responsible for the operation on the client’s side.

The Wave platform, based on Microsoft Azure technology and field equipment such as Wago PLCs, enables users to precisely manage comfort (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, blinds, lighting, air quality) as well as energy (water, electricity, gas) and services (booking meeting rooms, visitor management, etc.).

The Carré Constructeur headquarters in Englos is a concrete example of the effectiveness of the Wave platform. The building is equipped with connected lighting and blinds, an intelligent air conditioning and heating system, and automated meeting rooms. Thanks to these installations, occupants benefit from an optimal, eco-responsible working environment.

Morgan Fleurquin, who is responsible for the operation on the client’s side, expressed his satisfaction at the completion of the project: “We are delighted to be working with Smart Building Energies to implement these innovative solutions in our building.

In a passive building like this, Wave will enable us to analyse our consumption and further improve our energy efficiency and day-to-day comfort.”

This deployment reflects Smart Building Energies’ commitment to promoting sustainable and efficient solutions for intelligent buildings. The integration of Wave at Carré Constructeur’s headquarters demonstrates the potential of this solution and the collaboration between Smart Building Energies and all those involved in a construction project.

Among the players particularly involved in this project, the electrical contractor Delporte was able to contribute its technical expertise to enable high-quality installation and interfacing of the building’s equipment, in particular the access control and alarm system, which is also connected to Wave.

As part of this collaboration, Smart Building Energies also provided training for Carré Constructeur employees to enable them to take full advantage of the functionalities offered by the Wave platform. This transfer of skills ensures optimum use of resources and facilitates the day-to-day management of workspaces. Thibaut Quillet, project manager,

emphasises the importance of this stage: “User training is essential to ensure successful and lasting adoption of the Wave platform. The administrators also benefit from increased skills in the management of their building. We are proud to support them in their transition to more energy-efficient buildings.

The Wave platform is designed to be flexible and scalable, enabling it to be adapted to the specific needs of each building and business. As a result, Carré Constructeur will be able to benefit from continuous updates and improvements to maintain its technological lead and optimise its energy consumption.

Smart Building Energies plans to extend its services to other sectors, such as hospitals, schools, shopping centres and public infrastructures. The Wave platform will thus be able to meet the specific needs of each customer and provide tailor-made solutions for buildings of all sizes and types.

In addition to the functionalities already offered, Smart Building Energies is constantly working on improving the Wave platform and integrating new technologies to provide an ever more comprehensive and innovative offering. Current projects include the integration of artificial intelligence to detect drift and optimise setpoint positioning.

Smart Building Energies would like to thank Carré Constructeur and Loger Habitat for their confidence. The success of this project strengthens the company’s position as a major player in the field of intelligent building management and opens up new prospects for the future.

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