Discover our building management platform

We have created a smart platform, Waveplatform, combining the computing and automation world. It makes available users with the management of the different services and functionnalities of the building.

Utilisation de WavePlatform

Use the Waveplatform and become an actor of the management of your comfort and your energy impact. 

Your smart building offers you to :

Manage your energies (water, gas, electricity…)

Manage your comfort ( temperature, luminosity, blinds…)

Manage your service ( booking car park, meeting rooms…)

4 pillars of our platform

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Take the keys to make your buildings smarter and more connected.

Technical aspect of the smart platform

Waveplatform being a web app, it doesn’t need to be downloaded and throughtout its responsive mode, you can use it on any type of devices (computer, tablet, smartphone…)

The building management platform has a configurator and custom account to configure and manage the functionalities of your structure easily. In addition, data is stored in a secure cloud environment.

Measuring is improving

Every service offered generates data. Waveplatform will allow you to analyze your different, consumption and thinking about new energy strategies. Troughout a history, you will view your daily reports, monthly and annual and as well as see their evolution.



Visualize the meeting rooms available and book the one that suits you. This function is synchronized to all your company’s schedule for quality management. “NO SHOW”? NO PROBLEM ! : sensors detect the presence of users. If, none colleague is present in the room, it will be released in the following minutes.



Leave serene by booking your place car. Were allows you to view the available seats with vehicle sensors arranged on each seat. Select the one you prefer half a day, a whole day or a long period of time.

You own an electric vehicle and your needs a seat with charging station in the office ? No problem ! Our platform also offers you the possibility to book your parking spaces and reload your electric car.



You are the master of you comfort and so you will be able to manage what surrounds youµ. Thanks to Wave, manage the lighting of your building, set the temperature and blinds of the room have never been easier. In case of absence, your connected building will take charge. Installed sensors automatically detect changes to be made.


Our platform uses the latest technologies in terms of security. With the connection to your organization directory, the system is secure while remaining simple.

Your building is also protected thanks to alarms and access controls, which are connected and controllable via the inferface, depending on the user’s rights.


The administrator has the ability to configure his structure. Using diagrams, it has a technical visual of all spaces and can thus customize, for example, connections between light, heating and temperatre or presence sensors, but also energy consumption of the building.

The data connected to Waveplatform are set to music across the Scheduler. Thereby, it’s never been easier to create enslavements ( on an event or time slot) between BMS systems, security or book ( ex : decrease in blinds and temperature set at 18 degrees if the alarm is put into operation).