06 March 2023

[Showtime] When RTBF presents Wave Platform in Gosselies !

Wave Platform: the smart building energy-saving solution at Vinci Energies in Gosselies, Belgium, highlighted by RTBF

The RTBF report on the Vinci Energies building in Gosselies, Belgium showcased an innovative technology for buildings: the Wave Platform. This intelligent platform enables buildings to reduce their energy consumption while improving the comfort of their occupants.

The Vinci Energies building in Gosselies is equipped with this technology, which collects and analyzes real-time data on energy usage and occupant behavior. Based on this data, the Wave Platform adjusts heating, lighting, and ventilation to optimize energy consumption and offer optimal comfort to occupants.

The Wave Platform thus allows significant energy savings and a reduction in energy costs for the building owner. It also offers increased comfort for occupants through precise regulation of temperature and lighting.

The RTBF report also highlighted the environmental benefits of the Wave Platform. By reducing energy consumption, this technology contributes to the fight against climate change by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Wave Platform is an innovative and promising technology for buildings, offering economic, environmental, and comfort benefits for occupants. It could be an ideal solution for building owners looking to improve their energy efficiency while offering a pleasant and comfortable work or living environment.

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