Wave Monitoring is an innovative solution for monitoring (and controlling!) a portfolio of buildings, optimising energy management and the services offered to users. Thanks to Microsoft Azure technologies and high-performance field equipment, wave monitoring facilitates the overall management of the building stock, improving the operation and efficiency of buildings.

Thanks to the section “Mon Site”, you can record around a hundred items of information about each building in the park, such as its GPS coordinates (useful for weather forecasting), its surface area, its type of heating, the number of people in it, and much more. This information forms an accurate and detailed building database that is used to calculate the energy signature.

This energy signature is the result of the building’s intrinsic data as well as its consumption. Thanks to its many connectors (Enedis, GRDF, sub-metering, etc.), Wave monitoring makes it easy to collect this information and make it easily accessible to members of your organisation.










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