14 February 2024

Wave Platform took part in the 4L Trophy!

Camille and Capucine finish le 4L Trophy

Camille and Capucine, two students at IESEG, have just successfully completed the 4L Trophy rally, an incredible experience that enabled them to surpass themselves while making their contribution to the “Enfants du Désert” charity.

The two young women rose to all the challenges they faced on their journey through the Moroccan desert, braving the worst weather and the most difficult tracks. As a result, they were able to distribute school supplies to children in isolated villages, creating unforgettable moments of sharing and encounters.

Their participation in this humanitarian event was made possible thanks in particular to the financial and logistical support of VINCI Energies and Smart Building Energies, partners of the “Enfants du Désert” association. The two companies made it possible for Camille and Capucine to carry out their project and enjoy this unique experience in complete safety.

At the same time, the partnership between VINCI Energies and Smart Building Energies has also helped to improve education in the region (construction of schools, wells and installation of solar panels; https://enfantsdudesert.org/).

Over and above Camille and Capucine’s personal success, their commitment to this humanitarian project illustrates the importance of getting involved in causes that have a positive impact on the world. Their journey is an inspiring example for young people of their generation, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and get involved in causes that are close to their hearts.

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